Jenkins has a lot of strengths as tool

  • Abhik Khandelwal
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  • 2017-04-11

Jenkins has a lot of strenghts as tool. ItsRobust user community along with its thoughtful and extensible design are two of the most immediate. They are the two pillars that have made jenkins the leader in CD/CI space and the de facto choice for most of us looking to automate our build and test processes.

Another essential piece of jenkns experience is plugin configuration. Today,if you are looking to add plugins to yur jekins environment,you are almost certainly using google to finda 3rd party review site,collecting he name f the plugin you want and then either linking to it on this website,or filtering for it in the plugin manager GUI.

How smart engineers are using Jenkins:

1. Developers:

When a developer has completed an initial version of the code and pushed the code to the server. If he wants to merge some code for bug fix or any new feature again in the repository – then it is important for him to know – that result of new changes into the repository should not break the old code.

How developer can use Jenkins for the above scenario:

a. They can configure their code repository with Jenkins – so that, whenever they push the new changes in the repo – an automatic build should trigger which will send them an email about the build status after the changes. This scenario has limitations and it will only help them to understand that build is stable and there are no compilation/source code errors. b. They can also write unit tests against his code and can configure them with Jenkins – so that these unit tests will execute – the moment there are any changes in the development repository. In this way – he can see that all his old Unit tests are passing after integration of new changes.

2. Testers:

They generally utilize Jenkins for scheduling and triggering automated front end / integration tests such as – Selenium tests / API tests.

How tester can use Jenkins for the above scenarios:

a. They can configure normal Selenium + TestNG project using windows batch file

b. They can configure any Java project which uses ANT as a build tool

c. They can also configure Maven project by adding a Maven plugin into Jenkins.

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