Simple SEO Techniques To Grow your Business

  • Juilee Deshmukh
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  • 2018-02-20

In today’s Digital World, it is essential to optimize presence of your business online. Search Engine Optimization is trending in Online Marketing world. A website is not enough to get prospective customers for your business. In order to promote your business online, you must have SEO friendly website. These days, the major concern of people is to get higher rankings in Google, Bing searches. (People mostly prefer Google Searches so I will be talking about Google Searches.)

SEO optimization helps the website to get higher rankings in Google searches. Google has a set of algorithms which it follows in order to rank a particular page in the searches. Considering the algorithms and basic behaviour of Google, SEO consultants work on the website which improves the website visibility online. Enhanced website visibility makes it easier to drive quality traffic and get good business.

How to implement SEO?

Implementing simple SEO techniques on your website is very easy and can be done by anyone by following proper steps. There are certain basics which people tend to forget while optimising their website. By making these basic changes, you can easily improve your website ranking over the period of time.

Here are some basic tips to improve your website ranking for Google searches:

  1. A proper keyword research relevant to your business
  2. Competitor analysis to understand target keywords
  3. Content relevancy to your website
  4. Restructuring your website by adding title tags, description tags, Meta tags and Header tags.
  5. Creating xml and site map for your website
  6. Listing your business in local listings
  7. Link building for driving traffic to your website
  8. Participating in forum discussions
  9. Submitting articles on some good sites
  10.  Connecting website and social platforms

Apart from this, it is important to take help of SEO analytics tools to check your website performance and take required measures to make improvements. Google analytics is one such free tool which helps a lot in analysing the website.

If you follow these steps you will be able to see small improvements in your website. In my next blog I will be briefing about all the suggested techniques mentioned in this blog and how it will improve your page ranking.                                                    

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