Dedicated Hiring:

Dedicated hiring is presently one of the most popular form of hiring in the IT and ITES industry. More and more industries are also to follow suit as this form of hiring provides cost effective and expert solutions to the needs and requirements of the company. Dedicated hiring includes hiring the services of a professional or a group of professionals who are experts and experienced to handle a specific requirement of the company needs and will be dedicated to solve the need. Dedicated hiring is also catching up with dedicated application developers in India. With the huge talent pool of highly dedicated software developers in India and in the virtual sphere in general they handle some of the toughest and most challenging projects. Dedicated dedicated web developers are also there in the virtual world as well in India. There are online hiring portals also that facilitate hiring virtual workers at some of the most competitive prices.

Flexible Hiring:

Flexible hiring is the new buzzword in the recruitment industry. Flexible hiring offers both the employers and the employees the best of both worlds, where the companies can have the expertise and knowledge on their board, directly or indirectly on their payroll, while the employee also has the benefit of working at flexible hours and also pursue some other priorities or passion. This is financially beneficial for the company as well as the employee who can also work as a freelancer in projects or assignments of his/her choice. Flexible hiring is one of the most popular form of hiring these days in the IT and ITES industry. This enables the company to hire experts for various durations, on terms and conditions agreeable to both, and also allows the experts to work on multiple projects without the fear of being on the sidelines after one project ends.

Project Based Hiring:

Project based hiring is an accepted practise in most developed nations and is fast catching up among the developing countries too. It is also becoming hugely popular in India too, which has a goldmine of talented programmers, web developers and also for other jobs both in the IT and ITES, as well as other industries. Project based hiring also offers cost-effective, flexible solutions to staffing needs, as well as a quick and efficient solution for the upcoming projects for different durations of time. It also offers candidates to be on the learning curve and work on live projects without actually warming the benches.

Teknotrait has been one of the fastest growing IT and ITES solution providers. We not only provide some of the most intelligent and complete solutions for your requirements but we also offer you services to help you hire dedicated application developers in India. We not only boast of some of the most talented web developers, application developers and software developers but also take pride in the quality of solutions they design and develop. We have developed some of the most stunning and popular solutions as well as the most comprehensive and complete IT and ITES solutions for some of the biggest names in the industry. We are always a better option than virtual developers and virtual workers, as we do not compromise on quality and are never behind our scheduled date of delivery. We also offer a host of other value added and complimentary services that offer a 360 degree solution to all your needs.



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