Abhik Khandelwal
Abhik, a.k.a the one and only Gunda of Teknotrait, is the visionary leader of the pack. He believes in solving problems using technology. You can always find him busy learning about new technologies and constantly upgrading himself. Ambitious, Passionate, Self-driven are the qualities that has helped him in achieving success and stand out from the crowd!
Amit Pillai
Business Development Manager
Amit, a Cricket Maniac, has an inquisitive nature. His excellent communication skill and knowledge about the minute details and elements of a business is what makes him a unique resource at Teknotrait. He effortlessly manages clients and their projects. When he is not with clients, you may find him travelling , reading a book or probably sleeping soundly! And he does'nt snore!
Pooja Dwivedi
HR Manager
Pooja is Responsible for bringing new talent in company. Working on end to end recruitment process. Working to create motivation among employees towards their work. Introducing stress relieving activities in office. Working on Payroll and other benefits of employees which also include monthly "Pat on the back" for employees. Also works on the performance appraisal of employees.
Raju Khadka
Infrastructre Officer
Raju, a.k.a Dabal Khadka, is as resourceful as one could get. He looks after the entire infrastructure of the company with absolutely no hassle. A good chef, Raju's got a good pair of hands when it comes to preparing Chinese. And we love it!
Vinay K S
IT Admin
Vinay did his graduation in engineering from Bangalore. He is into network administration and knows the server side of it inside out. He love to meditate and does Yoga to relax his mind. Listening to music is his hobby.

Ashalatha Palagiri
Sr. Web Developer
Ashalatha, fondly known as Humari Chhoti Asha, is our senior developer. She is the person you would want to get in touch with if you have any question about development. She has got hands on work experience in PHP, Wordpress, HTML and CSS. She loves to watch daily soaps on TV and also reads a lot.
Tapas Kumar Mahato
Development Manager
Tapas is heartfelt about Automation Testing. He is eager about process and quality assurance. He is skilful in manual and API testing as well. His deliverable will be clean, well-organized. His dedication & responsibility to work impresses all.

QA Department
Abhilash Sen
QA Engineer
Abhilash Sen Believes in enjoying life to the fullest. An avid traveller and a foodie for all seasons. He is very punctual and very dedicated towards any work that he does. He is a quick learner too.His deliverable will be oraganized, clear and of good quality.
Akansha Uprit
QA Engineer
Akansha is a fun loving girl who believes that the only way to do great work is to love what you do.She enjoy's constructive conversation and can adjust to new situations quite easily.
Anupam Soni
Quality Assurance Lead
Anupam believes in Quality Assurance, He is used to work in a challenging work environment where he has utilized his expertise in resolving the problems and advocated his analytical skills towards the growth of the organization.
Anurag Dasmohapatra
QA Engineer
Anurag Dasmohapatra is a silent yet productive guy in his own way . He believes in thinking in an innovative way to make sure that a high quality product is being delivered to the client.
Hemangi Katira
QA Engineer
Hemangi is a typical Gujrati BEN who effortlessly manages to switch between the work at office and at home. Her hard working attitude is what makes her a stand out performer. She is a great chef and her "kela-curry" is something which is highly relished by her colleagues.
Isita Bose
Sr QA Engineer
As a QA she believes in providing quality products to customer with greater customer satisfaction. Validate, verify, communicate and resolve software issues through careful, thoroughly documented testing to maximize return on investment (ROI). She is expertise in testing all levels of SDLC: Functional testing, Integration testing, System testing, UAT.
Jalu Ram
Quality Assurance Manager
Jalu Ram is passionate about Quality Assurance. He believes in process and product quality and does his best to achieve both of them. His deliverable will be organized, clear and of good quality.
Liton Bhowmick
QA Engineer
Automation testing, Test script development, Test case design, Static testing, executing test cases, logging defects, preparing test reports.
Manikant kumar
Quality Assurance Lead
Manikant Kumar aims to work in a pragmatic manner with a good grab on organising skills to meet the goals. He believes in vast exploration of his technical skills & hands on experience with more modified and innovative ideas to achieve the best result in associated projects.
Niharika Vaishnaw
Quality Assurance Lead
Niharika is an out of the box thinker passionate about ensuring quality of a certain object, so that little by little she can change the world, that’s full of objects that can be improved.
Pawan Verma
QA Engineer
Pawan believes in reinventing himself as its a part of his job. A tester by profession, he loves music and travelling. He is completely obsessed with his work. Also, loves to read a lot.He believes in making changes not excuses.
Prakash Kumar.V
QA Engineer
Prakash is currently working in Manual and Automation testing. He believes in "Do what you Love and Love what you do" and that's the reason why he is here.
Rahul Sharma
QA Engineer
Rahul Sharma is a skillful QA Engineer. Time management is his forte and he is among the ones who believe that testing is not just limited to finding bugs, but it’s molding the project into a process, which eventually gives the immense pleasure of satisfaction for the quality of work being achieved with tons of appreciations as well. He loves to travel and watch movies.
Rakesh Kumar Singh
QA Engineer
Rakesh is a curious tester who explores the application to destruct it, just to make sure that, it becomes constructive and robust in the market.
Sandeep Shinge
Quality Assurance Lead
Sandeep is passionate about Quality Assurance, keen to learn new technologies to deliver a product bug free. With his out of box testing scenarios and tricky testing approaches it gives him best to provide a stable product to the customer.
Sohan B.S
QA Engineer
Sohan has been working on Manual as well as Automation Testing. He is basically a silent guy and takes much time to mingle with people. He loves to work in a friendly atmosphere.
Sri Nandini G J
Sr QA Engineer
Nandini is the one who believes that customer statisfaction is her own statisfaction. For her “Best quality” is always the result of intelligent effort and smart way of finding defects. She learns new things if there is something she need to learn Regarding project like new technologies which is highly in demand in the market to achieve great quality and best product.
Sweta Kumari
QA Engineer
Sweta is the girl who believes in climbing the ladder wearing heels! She is someone who is immensely ambitious and passionate about her career and work. Like a true modern girl she is not afraid of laughing at herself, just about manages to pull off the worst of jokes and can easily brighten any space with the sound of her laughter. Works fluidly on applications.
Vinette Sequeira
QA Engineer
Vinette is a talkative yet quirky QA who gets all the work done for the clients within no time. She believes in delivering service of the highest quality. Has the ability to gel well with the team. She has an appetite of a bear but balances this appetite with a strong basal metabolic rate!

Everyone in our team is passionate about their work and everything that comes with it. And that is why we work at Teknotrait and we absolutely love doing so! Learning and sharing the latest technologies, techniques and marketplaces is a part of our work culture.
What do you wish to know about us? We are friendly, approachable bunch of people, with lots of experience and would love to chat with you about your project. Web industry can throw up lots of challenges, but we are all about saying yes and overcoming those challenges.
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